NCAI Mid Year 2022 Conference
2022 Mid Year Resolutions
#Resolution TitleSponsorRecommendation
ANC-22-001Calling for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Self-Determination ContractingStacy MillsAdopted
ANC-22-002Supporting the Tule River Tribe Reserved Water Rights Settlement Agreement Neil PeyronAdopted
ANC-22-003NCAI Support for Closely Monitoring Legislation Involving Definitions of "Indian Tribes" in Light of Yellen v. Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation et. alsMichael Williams SrTabled
ANC-22-004Calling for Urgent Action to Address the Salmon Crisis and to Provide for Subsistence Relief Michael Williams SrAdopted
ANC-22-005Modernizing the Federal Traders License Regulations and Utilizing Defense Production, Buy Indian Act, and Public Law 93-638 to Promote the Economy of Indian CountryDanielle Her Many HorsesAdopted
ANC-22-006Supporting Tribal Nations’ Innovative Solutions to Drought in the WestGovernor Stephen Roe LewisAdopted
ANC-22-007Supporting Indigenous Safety through Opposing Man-Camps for Thacker PassArlan Melendez; Rupert Steele; Amber TorresAdopted
ANC-22-008Supporting Rights of NatureGuy Reiter Adopted
ANC-22-009Calling on Congress to Establish an Emergency Management Performance Grant Tribal Set-Aside at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)Joshua Riley Adopted
ANC-22-010Calling on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to Respect Tribal Data Sovereignty Regarding Broadband Data in the Broadband Data Collection PortalH. Rose TrostleAdopted
ANC-22-011Calling for oversight hearings and greater transparency in regard to expediting the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program funding at National Telecommunications and Information Administration H. Rose TrostleAdopted
ANC-22-012Clarifying the Ability of Tribal Nations to Participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)Joshua Riley Adopted
ANC-22-013Supporting the Continued Protection of Northern Paiute and Shoshone Traditional Homelands from the Permitted Thacker Pass Lithium Mine in Northern Nevada Henry Cagey Adopted
ANC-22-014Calling on the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to identify and resolve any undue burdens or challenges to Tribal participation in the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) programEJ JohnAdopted
ANC-22-015Calling on NTIA to ensure that Tribal Nations are included and actively engaged in the development of State broadband plansEJ JohnAdopted
ANC-22-016Just and Fair Procedures for the Resolution of Conflicts and disputes with States or other PartiesRobert Christopher LandersOut of Order
ANC-22-017Calling Upon the Department of the Interior (DOI) to Amend Regulations to Protect the Interests of Tribal Nations and Ensure that States Engage in Good-Faith Compact Negotiations Pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA)Allison BinneyTabled
ANC-22-018Calling Upon Congress to Recognize a Right of Indigenous EconomyHenry Cagey Adopted
ANC-22-019Calling for the Exclusion of Peyote in the Movement to Decriminalize Psychedelic Substances (Entheogens) by State, Regional, and Local Governments in the United StatesLeonard ForsmanOut of Order
ANC-22-020Support for Ensuring Good Faith Negotiations Pursuant to The Indian Gaming Regulatory ActWilliam Canella Out of Order
ANC-22-021Tribal Nation Veterans Demand a Dishonorable Discharge Status for All Veterans who Participated in the Insurrection Action on January 06, 2021 Mel Sheldon Adopted
ANC-22-022Supporting and Thanking all the Leaders who Have Heard Tribal Nation Voices, and Calling for Continued Steps Toward Salmon and River Restoration in the Pacific NorthwestSamuel N. Penney Adopted
ANC-22-023Entreating a United States Proclamation that a Genocide was Committed on Native Children, Families, and NationsTheresa Sheldon Adopted
ANC-22-024Calling on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to Permanently Expand Telehealth Adopted
ANC-22-025Call on Congress to Support Full Funding for FY 2023 Indian Health Service BudgetOut of Order
ANC-22-026 Requesting the Department of the Treasury to Make Policy Revisions to the Tribal State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI)Henry Cagey Adopted
ANC-22-027Calling Upon The Department Of The Interior To Amend Regulations To Protect The Interests Of Native Nations And Ensuring That States Engage In Good Faith Compact Negotiations Pursuant To The Indian Gaming Regulatory ActSeneca Nation of Indians; Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Adopted
ANC-22-028Calling Upon Congress to Establish a Tribal Advisory Committee for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Samuel N. Penney Adopted
ANC-22-029Calling on Congress to Appropriate Sufficient Funding to Upgrade and Save the NARA Sand Point FacilityLeonard ForsmanOut of Order
ANC-22-030Support For The “Truth And Healing Commission On Indian Boarding School Policies Act” (S. 2907 And H.R. 5444)Leonard ForsmanOut of Order
ANC-22-031Support for the Appointment of a Director of the Indian Health ServiceLeonard ForsmanOut of Order
ANC-22-032Supporting Federal Pension and Retirement Benefits to Tribal Law Enforcement OfficersLeonard ForsmanAdopted
ANC-22-033Supporting the Development of Legislation to Include Tribal Interests During the Disposal of Federal Lands Leonard ForsmanAdopted
ANC-22-034Amend National Historic Preservation Act to Afford Tribal Nations Signatory Status for Historic Properties with Religious and Cultural Significance Leonard ForsmanAdopted
ANC-22-035Asserting the Need For Immediate Consultation On Duplicative Functions Of The Office Of The Special TrusteeLeonard ForsmanAdopted
ANC-22-036Requesting the Federal Government to Establish a Federal Tribal Salmon Crisis Task Force to Address Salmon Recovery in the NorthwestSamuel N. Penney Adopted
ANC-22-037Increase Opportunities for Tribes, Including Federally Chartered Tribal Entities, to Co- Manage Federal LandsPresident Kevin Killer Tabled
ANC-22-038Encouraging Indian Health Service Providers to Seek Designation as National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Designated SitesMatthew CampbellAdopted
ANC-22-039 Supporting the Designation and Co-Management of the Chumash Heritage National Marine SanctuaryKenneth KahnAdopted
ANC-22-040Requesting the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope to Denunciate the Doctrine of DiscoveryTheresa SheldonAdopted
ANC-22-041Calling for Congress to fund the operation and maintenance of Indian Health Service sanitation facilities systems James C. Roberts Adopted
ANC-22-042Calling on Congress to Pass Legislation to Correct the Cook Inlet Tribal Council v. Dotomain DecisionMary J. Pavel Out of Order
ANC-22-043Calling Upon Congress to Immediately Pass Legislation to Maintain Full Contract Support Costs ReimbursementAndrew C. Joseph Jr. Out of Order
ANC-22-044Calling Upon Congress, Alaska, and HUD to Take Actions for the Equal Treatment of Tribal Housing After the AVCP v. Mael Decision of the Alaska Supreme CourtGeoff Blackwell Adopted
ANC-22-045Enhancing Partnerships with Construction Trades Lee AdolphAdopted