NCAI Mid Year 2022 Conference
2022 Mid Year Resolutions
2022 Mid Year Resolution deadline is May 24, 2022!

Submit Your Resolution

NCAI Individual Indian Members in good standing are authorized to submit policy resolutions. To submit a resolution, you must use this page—please sign in with a current email address in order to submit a resolution.

Before submitting a resolution, NCAI recommends that you review how the resolution process operates. NCAI also recommends reviewing the NCAI Resolution Template prior to submitting your own resolution. If you have any questions about the resolutions process, please reach out to Suzanne Gould (, Archival Specialist, and she will assist.

Please note that according to NCAI Standing Rules of Order, Section XIII, policy resolutions will not be considered at the Mid Year Convention unless they are determined to be emergency in nature (i.e. they address issues that cannot wait until NCAI's Annual Convention to be addressed) and national in scope.

The deadline for timely submission of resolutions to the 2022 Mid Year Conference is May 24, 2022. Resolutions submitted after this date will be considered “late resolutions” and may be subject to different procedures before being considered. Please review NCAI's "Resolution Guidance" for more information.

If you are an NCAI Tribal Member trying to submit an official tribal resolution or action indicating who your tribal delegate is (and who any tribal delegate alternates are), do not use this page. Instead, please submit any questions or documentation related to designating your tribal delegate/alternate to: Imani Damali-Cathi (, Administrative Assistance, and she will assist.